Pro-Hedge Rating Advantages :

For distributors  and Hedge Funds Investors :
–We  Purpose more than 15,000 Worldwilde Hedge Funds , SiF , Limited Partnership and Others Alternative Investment Funds ( AIF )
- Pro-Hedge Rating permits to challenge your model with our Robot Advisor
– Better seek Alpha with better risk management. Which Hedge funds give the best return without gambling
– Easy solution to rank Hedge Funds

Remember Higher is the Gamma higher is the probability of positive return

HSBC globally the same analysis with alpha and only 1 ratio "Maxdrawdown"

Pro-Hedge Rating is the only product  able to give you a rating of Hedge Funds ( global macro, long short, event driven…) based on :
– The ability of the manager to be a constant market timer
– Versus the risk used  to  create a return.

Pro-Hedge Rating is not focusing on return, but only on the manager’s Market Timer and their risk management ability .

By a defined set of theories and equations this Pro-Hedge rating will recompute the benchmark and the porfolio[*] Pro Hedge rating  is checking if the Fund Manager is able to buy low, sell high, short high and buy back low.

Usually , portfolio Manager use different analysis before invest in Hedge Funds , Quant Model ( Alpha, Skewness , Kurtosis...) but WHO challenge their decision ?

How to separate best hedge funds from the rest  ?

Each year, Bloomberg published a ranking based on return and only return ( without risk analysis, leverage… )

Hedge Funds Rating


Currently Hedge funds Rating is the first Robot advisors which  tell you which Hedge Fund is an efficient Market Timer and which one is less risky for your investment