Hedge Funds Rating


But some investors are not enough focus on risk and forgot to be focused on Gamma market timer

Hedge Funds Rating is the independant rating platform for hedge fund
investments and Management Compagny. Hedge Funds rating creates
actionable insights through a combination of non traditional financial and
regulatory data – all to deliver superior manager and market insights and
to help users make smarter and more informed investment decisions.

Hedge Funds Rating is the only product able to give you a rating of
Hedge Funds and their Custodian bank based on :

– The ability of the manager to be a constant market timer Versus the
risk used to create a return.
– The leverage of all Hedge funds to adjust the Custodian Bank rating
from Moody's

• Access: market insights and intelligence on the entire hedge fund
landscape. Triangulation of disparate, unstructured data reveals
unique intelligence.
• Allows: fund buyers to optimise Hedge fund selection in an open
architecture environment with access to more than 15,000 Hedge
• Management company Monitor: the risk of Counterparty / Challenge
decision of Fund of Hedge Funds manager
• Trading :Facilitate the investment of Institutional and Private banking
on Hedge Funds
• Increase the visibility of Hedge Fund and Alternative Investment Fund


Unfortunatly, with this level of return , Investor  are seeking Alpha in Alternative investment fund and Hedge funds  ...

Market changed, alpha vs risk are not enough and should replace by Gamma market timing ability versus risk .
A Hedge funds rate AA by our company have 79.7% to have a positive return next month ...

Alpha and  Market risk 

In the simplest of terms, the 2008 collapse occurred because of too much leverage fueled by cheap debt. This worked fine until the assets backstopping the leveraged trades fell in value, which brought about margin calls and a selling panic