Economic growth market; How to determine which hedge funds have a real market timing ability in a changing market.



59. BlueBay Emerging Market Total Return Fund
58. Trident European Fund (JO Hambro)
57. Tontine Partners
56. Lancelot Investment Management
55. Epic Limited Partnership
54. Gordian Knot - Sigma Finance, Ltd.
53. Modulus Europe (Powe Capital)
52. Ospraie Fund
51. Dalton Melchior Japan Fund
50. Windmill Management (SageCrest funds)
49. Turnberry Capital Management
48. Absolute Capital Management
47. Lydia Capital
46. RREEF REFlex Fund
45. Endeavour Capital
44. Old Lane Partners (Citigroup)
43. Rumson Capital
42. Russell Investments (Alternative Strategies Funds)
41. Cornerstone Quantitative Investment Group
40. GoldLink Capital
39. North American Equity Opportunities (Goldman Sachs)
38. Pentagon Capital Management
37. Absolute Capital Group
36. Drake Management - Global Opportunities
35. ASAT Finance (Citigroup )


We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise.

1. Dillon Read Capital Management (UBS)
2. Bear Stearns High Grade Credit Funds
3. Ritchie Capital Management
4. Lake Shore Asset Management
5. Caliber Global Investment
6. United Capital Markets Holdings Inc.: Horizon Funds
7. Galena Street Fund
8. Sowood Capital Management
9. Oddo: Cash Titrisation; Cash Arbitrages; and Court Terme Dynamique
10. Union Investment Asset Management Holding AG
11. Parvest Dynamic ABS, BNP Paribas ABS Euribor and BNP Paribas ABS Eonia (BNP Paribas)
12. Sachsen LB: Ormond Quay conduit fund
13. Sentinel Mangement Group
14. Solent Capital Partners LLP, Mainsail II
15. Basis Capital Fund Management, Ltd. - Basis Yield Alpha
16. Geronimo Multi-Strategy, Sector Opportunity, and Option & Income
17. Cheyne Finance LLC (Cheyne Capital Management)
18. Synapse High Grade ABS Fund
19. Pirate Capital (Activist Funds)20. Cooper Hill Partners

20. Cooper Hill Partners  

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Since late 2006 at least 117 major funds at 71 outfits have "imploded" and 50 % of Hedge Funds failed

Historical Implosions:

1. Amaranth Advisors [2006-09] 
2. MotherRock [2006-08] 
3. International Management Associates LLC [2006-02] 
4. Wood River Capital Management [2005-10] 
5. Bayou Group [2005-07-27] 
6. GLT Venture Fund [2007-07] 
7. KL Group [2005-03] 
8. Eifuku Master Fund [2005-01] 
9. John Hancock Business Services/Epic Investment Capital et al. [2003-11] 
10. Lancer Management Group [2003-07] 
11. Orca Funds [2002-09] 
12. Integral Investment Management [2001] 
13. Long-Term Captial Management (LTCM) [1998-12-31] 
14. Askin Capital Management [1994] 

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Our firm is innovating the way in Hedge Funds and AIF selection.Pro-hedge assigns a rating to each hedge fund based on a review of the hedge fund’s Navs  supporting data, portfolio reconstruction and Benchmark